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She The Free is an online store that is focused on helping women around the world alongside our charity partner’s who will cumulatively receive 10% of the profits made from each sale.


All charities are female focused and are either for women or run by/founded by women.


She The Free will have multiple partnerships with brands across different industries that are conscientious in how they produce their products.


All items sold are either created by women or are limited edition items by various brands that are looking to help by partnering with She The Free and offering a larger percentage of sales to our charity partners.

She is a Warrior

She Embodies Strength

She is Driven

She Inspires Others

She Has Dignity

She Is Beautiful

She Comes in all Shapes, Colors and Sizes

She is…

She The Free


The spirit of She The Free is to support women with each brand, charity, creative, entrepreneur and consumer. Together we will be building a foundation of strength, encouragement and support.

We are trying to push the boundaries on a global scale in order to help women by tapping into their creativity, supporting women battling cancer and providing education on prevention. We want to help young women have  positive ideas of body image and to support the growth and potential of women in entrepreneurship.


Women embody what strong truly is. We breathe life into the world. We move mountains. We make waves. When we’re not restrained by social ideals of beauty, when we break the chains of inequality, when we come together and are free of these limitations, we are at our strongest."

- Britt Arnett

Founder & CEO




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